Un enfoque Ecorresponsable

Our environmental policy

The objectives of our environmental policy are to commit ourselves and our entire team to a sustainable operation and management, guaranteeing an exemplary quality of welcome, by integrating ecological requirements.

Concerned about preserving our situation and the environment in general, we have chosen sustainable tourism: in fact, our policy is based on the areas of action defined by the European Ecolabel «La Fleur», the only official European ecological label that can be used in all member countries of the European Union.

We have therefore made the following commitments:

– To act in conformity with environmental legislation and regulations.

– To raise our customers’ awareness and train our staff in environmentally friendly gestures.

– To preserve water resources by installing flow reducers, searching daily for leaks, recovering rainwater, etc.

– Use 100% renewable energy and control our consumption by installing low consumption equipment.

– Optimizing recycling through a complete waste sorting.

– Reduce the use of chemical products by using alternative cleaning methods and products that are themselves eco-labeled: microfiber cloths, eco-labeled detergents, organic fertilizers, etc.

– Favouring local suppliers and food products

Muriel Bouché
La Réserve General manager